Hello, I’m Jameson Brown. I love design—and web design in particular. Though there are some really cool things that can be done with web technologies today, what I typically find myself drawn to and focus upon is plainness and sweetness. For my own work, I’m currently doing some freelance web design projects, which are noted below.


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A Bit About Me

In the past year I graduated from the University of Idaho with a BA in Creative Writing (with an emphasis on poetry). This was something I more or less stumbled into after spending time studying computer science and then journalism. Despite the narrow focus my degree title may suggest, large parts of my time were devoted to studying literature and film. Overall, what I actually ended up with was a degree that was 1-part creative writing, 1-part literature, and 1-part film.

Though I began my time at university studying computer science, much of my technical experience has come through my own efforts to learn. Whether it’s HTML & CSS, bits of Python or Bash, or SQL and Regex, my technical and coding experience is a bit eclectic for a poet. To round this out, I worked for 6 months with a marketing company where I picked up the ins and outs of SEO and email marketing.